suupersnek asked:

So what's your other favorite game? Since you said Okami was in your top two






and of course other favorites include The Legend of Zelda and Ace Attorney series, Shadow of the Colossus, Psychonauts, uhhh… there are other games I like out there.

if you’re wondering why these are all games from like 2004 it’s because the nearest thing to a “next gen” console I own is a Nintendo Wii and my computer can barely handle browser games poor bab

I’ll need to check those out, seeings how they tank above Zelda haha, but wait, so you don’t have an xbox 360/ps3? That’s like the epicenter of gaming! That means you haven’t played The Last Of Us!!


Echo is a snot today and was not happy at all. She kept barking at me. Then she went to sleep.

This is the most precious thing

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Showin off dem sexy azz legs

I’m not a model the camera just went off and it came out this way

I think this is my favorite photo set ever

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suupersnek asked:

Omg I almost got Okami the other day but I didn't think it looked good enough, is it really that good?



IT’S SO GOOD but I am also biased b/c it is in my top two favorite games of all time. Of course it ain’t perfect, but all of its flaws are so minor when compared to the whole deal.

People say that if you like Zelda you’ll like this game, and that’s absolutely true. It’s pretty shamelessly pulling out of the Zelda bag. But what elevates it above Zelda (and don’t get me wrong, I really am a big Zelda fan) at least in my eyes is the sheer attention to detail.

I have played this massive game many, many times and I am still discovering little easter eggs. Little tricks put in simply for humor or for a tug at the heartstrings. (Did you know if you headbutt monkeys, they throw poop at you? Or that using blizzard on people turns them into snowmen? Did you know if you power slash the scroll in Princess Fuse’s house, it rolls up and reveals a picture of her dead husband?)

Every character design is unique, for all the characters that appear in this game- even the most unimportant NPCs have little jokes worked into their design. (One of my favorites is the tea shop owner with a head that looks like the steamed buns he sells.) The dialogue is lovely and full of character; the translators did a wonderful job.

The reason I can keep coming back to this game is because literally, it is just a joy to run around in. Everything that is satisfying about solving puzzles in Zelda is 100 times more satisfying here because the game really makes you feel good about what you do. YOU’RE MAKIN THE DANG FLOWERS COME BACK. GOOD DOG.

…I could go on, but yes, Okami is worth it. SO WORTH IT. HNNNGH.

(Oh, and for the other person who asked, I own both the Wii and PS2 versions but I prefer the PS2 version. The Wii one is a decent port but far from perfect. Haven’t played Okami HD on the PS3, though.)

Hnnnng, currently regretting not buying it.. They had the HD ps3 one for only 8 buckssss ugh. I’ve never played zelda so that’s no indication, but I’m a geek for details so we’ll see, thanks!



"Deadline is July 24 (no extension): Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is taking additional comments regarding listing five species of snakes (Boa constrictor, Reticulated python, DeSchauensee’s anaconda, Green anaconda and Beni anaconda) as injurious under the Lacey Act. These species were originally proposed in 2010. If listed, FWS would ban interstate transportation/commerce and importation. Remember to be professional and civil with your comments.”





alfadraumar asked:

Concerning your post about red meat and carbon footprints; I think perhaps a better solution than simply giving up red meat is to reduce what is actually causing the carbon foot print by making equipment more green and efficient. You still have the jobs and the product, but it's not as harming to the environment.





That’s certainly part of it. However, a lot of the carbon impact from beef comes from the grain that’s used to fatten the cattle up, and the stockyards used to finish them. And it can’t be denied that even free-range cattle need a lot of land to graze on, which means a lot more wilderness being chewed up, and cattle competing with native wildlife for fodder. So reducing beef consumption also reduces those strains on the environment just by sheer virtue of fewer cows.

I see your point. But what if people got creative in addition to reducing meat consumption? Man-made pastures on unused vertical parking lots (it would also force the farmer to use less cows, be closer to a city/town, and gets rid of wildlife competition). It’s not “the” solution, but its good to bounce around ideas, you know?

Yep, I am absolutely all for that sort of creativity. Reduce, but also be more responsible with what you do use. 

This is really awesome, first time I’ve seen two people with opposing viewpoints talk like adults on tumblr.

Vultures Assemble!

Problem 1) How does one remove this skin stuff below, do I just.. rip it off? Also will maceration effect the antlers if they’re submerged? The same with peroxide, that won’t lighten the antlers will it?


Problem 2) This cartlidge.. or skin.. whatever it is (below) does not want to come off, do I just macerate it?


Problem 3) How should I go about cleaning the nasal cavities of some skulls I found in the woods? I tried spraying pressurized water, but those spiderwebs seem to be there to stay.. unfortunately.

Any and all help is appreciated, I’m going to tag a few people I follow who can hopefully help. roadkillandcrows somedeadthings bonecleaning


I’ve had Harley for a year now!

I can’t believe she used to be that small and now look at her! In a big new home and everything!

She’s my <3

So I’m not trying to be offensive or rude at all, just trying to look out for you and Harley. Have you ever explored using a substrate in your dragons tank other than a loose substrate (i.e. sand, crushed walnut shells, any sort of wood chips..)? I’m not sure if you’ve ever been told, but loose substrates come with a very high risk of impaction (which oftentimes happens later in life) for your little friend. It’s definitely something worth looking into, since loose substrate may very well affect how long the little cutie will live.

Suitable substrates can be newspaper, paper towel, reptile carpet, loose leaf paper (I used to recycle my old school work into substrate), and tile. The blog bearded-dragon-advice has a tutorial for how to have the tile cut, and Lowes cuts tiles for free!